Bible Way Camp Joy - transforming youth by renewing their minds with love & fun
2016 STAFF
Bishop Ronald L. Demery Jr.
Elder James Jenkins
Associate Pastor of Outreach/Camp Director
Althea (Angel) Barr
Executive Assistant to Camp Director

Antoinette (Angie) Lipford
Business Manager
Elder Louis (Chef Lou) and Denise Parker
Logistics Coordinators

Elder Lewis Johnson Jr.
Spiritual Leader

Gloria Robertson
Devotional Leader
Roselle Anderson
Health Care Manager

Gloria Griffin
Health Care Assistant/First Aide
Bishop William Barr
Camp Father
Lady Catherine Barr
Camp Mother
Chaperons for Females age 7-9
Kerah Jenkins, Cabin Leader
To Be Announced
Chaperons for Males age 7-9
Sherrod Terry, Cabin Leader
To Be Announced
Chapersons for Females age 10-12
K-Lynn Jenkins, Cabin Leader
To Be Announced
Chaperons for Males age 10-12
Devonte Suydom, Cabin Leader
To Be Announced
Chaperons for Females age 13-16
Danyelle McIlwrath, Cabin Leader
To Be Announced
Chaperons for Males age 13-16 
William Jones, Cabin Leader
Tony Donaldson
A special thanks to God first and all who have contributed to the success of Bible Way Camp Joy since its inception in 2004.  Especially its pioneers like Elder Adrian Reeves and family, Sister Marilyn Edwards and family, Rhadiyah Hyatt, Nataki Lovett, Elder James Proctor, Brother Thornton Holland, Elder Ronald and Missionary Delores Armstead, Sister Rayshall Murphy, and the Prison Fellowship Ministries' Angel Tree Program.  The Camp Joy-El family adopted us in 2006 and have been blessing us since.  We are eternally grateful.  To those not listed please charge it to space and record keeping, not the heart. You are all loved, greatly appreciated, and never will be forgotten.
Your Brother and Friend
Elder James Jenkins