Bible Way Camp Joy - transforming youth by renewing their minds with love & fun
Bible Way Camp Joy is a Christian Summer Camp and all participants are expected to conduct themselves in a manner pleasing to God at all times.  The camp Golden Rule(s) is:
"Campers & staff  shall enjoy themselves and help all others safely do the same at all times."
a.  Campers & staff shall respect each other at all times.
b.  Campers shall make sure that their chaperons knows their whereabouts at all times.
c.  Campers shall not leave the camp grounds without being accompanied by a Bible Way chaperon AND permission from the Bible Way Camp Joy Director.
d.  Campers who require medication shall turn it in to their chaperon and report to the nurse with their chaperon when it is time to take it no matter what activity is taking place.
e.  Male campers shall not enter into or visit the area of female cabins.
f.  Female campers shall not enter or visit the area of male cabins.
g.  Stealing, sexual conduct of any kind, fighting, and profanity is prohibited.
h.  Cell phones, video games, and electronic games of any kind are prohibited by campers.
i.  Females shall not dunk males in the swimming pool.
j.  Males shall not dunk females in the swimming pool.
k.  Females shall be clothed in a one piece swim suit in the pool or not get in the pool.
l.  Males shall be clothed in boxer swim trunks or not get in the pool.
m.  Campers shall not intentionally damage or destroy camp property or the property of another.  All damage shall be reported to the Camp Director immediately.
n.  Campers who do not have a Camp Joy-El "Waiver for use with Camp Joy-El Adventure" or high adventure camping activities such as but not limited to zip line, rock climbing/rappeling, bouldering, backpacking, horseback riding, and nature hiking signed by their parent or guardian shall not be permitted to participate in such activities.
The Bible Way Camp Joy Director may remove or direct the removal from the Camp of any staff or camper (without refund) whose conduct is a serious violation of the rule(s) above or threatens the peace and harmony of the camp.